Ope, my name is Aaron.

And this is my Coat of Arms

To explain quickly I am an avid gamer enjoying relaxing in downtime with Xbox and PC games. And my motto and major are linked closely since I am going into education I think a lot about the impact education has and hope to give my most to have a beneficial impact on my future students. Finally, I call South Bloomfield home. It is a small speed trap town going south on 23 from Columbus to Circleville.

I enjoy the natural world while I do have a preference for the animal side of things with adoration for tortoises in particular they, and all other animals, cannot survive without the activity of plants producing food and oxygen so I have a place of admiration for plants. I really enjoy the Nana cultivar of Wormwood (Artemisia schmidtiana).


I hope to learn a lot in this class about identifying plants (to show off to my students later in life.) As well as be the most knowledgeable teacher I can be for them.