Hello my name is Jamal!

My Coat of Arms represents a huge part of me! I was born in Dayton Ohio but moved to Atlanta Georgia when I was very young and through Ohio State, I have found my way back to the state I was born. My major is biology on the Pre-med track and hope to help diversify the field of medicine. In my coat of arms I have an eighth note to show my love for music. I was in band for most of my life and I am now in an a capella group on campus. I also have a drawing of an atom to show my love for life and chemistry. There is also a small bunny that represents my love for nature and animals because life is so fascinating. My favorite plant is a succulent because I think they are so interesting and you can find so many with different shapes. The definition of botany to me is the study of what makes plants unique and why they are so different from other organisms. Through this class, I hope to learn about many different plants and (fingers crossed) learn how to take care of a plant myself :).